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The Coliseum in Rome Tours is the first step because it represents the symbol of the city of Rome, which is used as a backdrop for many films, is the most visited archaeological site in the city and now being restored back to its original splendor.

His real name is Flavian Amphitheater, the Coliseum and the name is derived from a colossal bronze statue of Nero placed near the monument, was built by Emperor Vespasian for the shows of gladiators and simulations of hunting wild animals.

The outer part is made ​​up of eighty arches framed by half-columns, while the fourth order is divided into panels interspersed with windows, there were also media masonry and wood used to support a huge tent used to protect from the sun and piaggio viewers.

The Rome Tours to the Coliseum allow you to see the inside of originally composed of steps covered in marble and the arena was made with a large wooden table covered with sand and were kept in the basement, inside a tunnel wild beasts and the props and everything you need for the shows.

The monument used in subsequent periods as a quarry mineral, is built in the center of the city and the Roman citizens represented a symbol of the fun of the people, and its grandeur has made the largest amphitheater in the world by unique scenery and spectacular.

With Rome Tours the Coliseum today you can see it open on two levels able to give a striking vision of the interior space, but also external visits. You can also visit the temporary exhibitions related to the past, but also to the relationship with modernity giving countless works of art of a continuity with the past.

With the proposed Rome Tours you can learn about the history of the Coliseum, and even if only for a moment to relive the games with wild beasts, the shows with gladiators and all that the Romans organized to have fun and spend hours more carefree.

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