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The Sistine Chapel visited by the Rome Tours takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV, who at the end of 1400 restored the original Cappella Magna.

The Stories of Moses and Christ, the false drapes and portraits of the popes are all decorations executed by Botticelli and by Perugino in the fifteenth century.

In the sixteenth century, however, the work was entrusted to Michelangelo, who worked to change a part of the decorations of the high walls and the lunettes.
The Sistine Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption was inaugurated with a solemn Mass November 1, 1512.

After a few years, further changes were commissioned to Michelangelo and from there I came across the wonderful Judgement to represent the return of Christ and that took the place of the first frescoes painted by Perugino.

The Rome tours in the Sistine Chapel explain Michelangelo's work has undergone many changes over time, for example, were covered some of the nudes painted initially, and underwent several renovations over the years, especially after the collapse of 1522.

In addition to the majesty of his works the Sistine Chapel takes on a particular importance because it hosts the conclave for the election of the Pope for all Christians becoming the most mystical place where the Vatican to do the will of the Holy Spirit.

The art work is without a doubt the most impressive Michelangelo's Last Judgment, a painting of eight hundred square meters made ​​with colors of great quality that allowed a single storage all this time, even after the restoration.

Choosing to visit the Sistine Chapel in Rome tours will be possible to know in all its corners and its history and trivia you can choose a tour of the Vatican and discover the secrets that this immense work of art is able to hide.

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